Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Entertainment Value: High; Veracity: Questionable

Occassionally I hear the most fascinating rumors. About myself. I won't deny that I have a propensity to get into some rather interesting positions. There are plenty of opportunities to do so and I don't always shy away even when I know it would be prudent. But the stories that are the most entertaining are the ones that are either completely untrue, or contorted so well as to be barely recognizable. For instance, I recently learned that I was dating a woman a few years ago. Over two years after bringing a friend from out of town to a party with me, I heard this particular rumor and I apparently was one of the few that didn't know. I giggled when I heard. It was quite flattering because though I am not actually into women, this particular friend is gorgeous, intelligent and loads of fun. It's a compliment that anyone would expect me to have a girlfriend that great!

It is not a surprise that moving completely unknown to a small town coupled with being thirty+x, female and never married makes one a good candidate for gossip and speculation. And as I mentioned above I am more than capable of becoming involved in situations that others might consider out of the ordinary, even if I generally arrive there through rather innocent and well-intentioned means. So after some reflection I have decided to embrace it all- truth, conjecture, misunderstanding, complete fallacy and everything in between.

I will share my rumors, adventures, stories, and tall tales with you. You can try to sort the fact from the fiction. If it even matters.

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