Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Early in my friendship with davis and the gang he and A- were having movie night in their backyard. I showed up with my friend Jack Daniels and proceeded to drink into the wee hours, even after the mutual friend M- that had introduced us was long gone. M- always knows exactly when to go home.

I fell asleep on their couch, and davis and Boots woke me up and said they figured I wouldn't be very happy to find myself there in the morning so they would walk me home.

The next morning standing in the neighborhood deli getting multiple beverages to go with my tasty breakfast sandwich I got an email from M-, a funny joke about why drinking beer is a better investment than purchasing stock on my iPhone. I replied "I got a piggy back ride home last night!" The moment I hit send I realized two things 1) I was not yet hungover because I was still drunk and 2) I had just hit reply to all and shared this little tid-bit, which must have sounded way more sordid than it actually was, with her numerous friends and colleagues.

I haven't seen a joke via email from M- since then.

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