Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hanna at Home

The yard needed attention today so I spent the morning weeding, trimming and bagging. The butterfly bush that Natalie and I chopped to bits a few months ago is now enormous and in gorgeous full bloom. The garden flowers were totally overgrown so now the house is filled with them. The recent rain induced a delightful moss to grow over the brick patio. Ignoring the herb garden all summer worked like a charm; the rosemary, parsley, chives, basil, oregano and lemon verbena have grown in abundance.

The results:
8 ramekins of various Garlic Herb Butters
Lemon Verbena Sun Tea
Oven-dried Chives
Freeze-dried Oregano and Chives
More Herbs hanging from the ceiling to dry
Refrigerator filled with fresh parsley
Fresh homemade Pesto - made with pecans and romano
Rosemary Wine Vinegar
Snack - cold leftover orzo with eggplant, asparagus, scallions and parmigiano - mixed in fresh chopped tomatoes and pesto - delicious!
Lunch - gnocchi with sauteed mushrooms and eggplant in a tomato, pesto, olive and caper sauce topped with romano cheese

My crazy but beloved neighbor who will be moving away next month came by for a visit and brought silverqueen corn. We will cook that Tuesday for the "Going to Mongolia Party" for Mike. The kitchen is a mess but smells absolutely wonderful. What a magnificent day!

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