Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guests of Guests

This weekend while playing Wizard with davis and A- in the early morning, I was accosted by the newly-matriculated visiting drunken brother of another friend. Old Country music was playing on the stereo, and Little Stevie had been two stepping in the kitchen with his Sister-In-Law. When Dwight Yoakam's rendition of "Honkey Tonk Man" came on, Stevie, who by his own admission had hit on everything in sight that evening, turned his attention to me and demanded that I dance with him.

I smiled and said "No" to which Stevie, the recent "Ivy League" graduate replied something like "come-on, come-on, come-on". I explained that he was extremely unlikely to persuade me since I didn't want to and I rarely do things I don't want to do. A- said to him "That is true, she really doesn't!" He then asked "Where are you from?" and when I replied "Kentucky" he said "You have to love this song. What is wrong with you? You aren't even tapping your foot!" For the record, I do love the song and was indeed tapping my foot, but I didn't tell him this. I simply smiled.

Little Stevie then took another tack. "How old are you?" he demanded, to which I simply smiled; I've got at least 15 years on him. A- said "You never ask a lady her age!" Stevie then informed me that I needed to learn to live life, because one never knows when it may come to an end. I continued smiling and to my credit I did not grab him by the throat and commence strangling. I did not tell him that in the event that I had not previously known this, the recent death of a friend had provided ample education in that regard. I don't consider being flung around my friends' kitchen at 2:00am to be "living life", but I didn't feel like debating that point, either.

The great thing is that I barely had to say a word or defend myself at all, because A- did the talking for me. I got to just sit there and smile. I thought of M- who always knows when to go home, and realized I had once again erred in that regard. I left shortly thereafter. davis spent much of the evening following Stevie around to make sure he wasn't falling down the stairs or breaking anything. But I believe he was secretly pleased with the harrasment and my departure because at 12s I had a score of 360 and was on the path to destroying his own 560 record. It kept him from enforcing his new house rule regarding what happens to people that endanger his Wizard record.

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