Saturday, September 5, 2009

Football, Strangers and an apology

M- who always knows when to go home, and I attended a Big College Football game today. Mike is in Mongolia and all our usual suspects are out of town for the weekend, so when tickets became available it seemed like a good opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. We've both been to plenty of games, but being fairly new still to this area neither of us had attended a game at this particular school.

So we two fun-seekers left our surprisingly pleasant city early this morning and travelled the 3 hours to the game. Usually we bring lots of food everywhere we go, but today it was nice to just show up, sit in the practically disposable lawn chairs that I keep in my trunk because I wouldn't let my mom throw them away and drink a beer each before going into the stadium.

M- and I got separated in the entry line, because I had a big bag that needed to be inspected, so I was alone when I heard the older couple behind me talking about me.
GrandMom: She has *two* phones!
GrandDad: Just like our grand daughter
GrandMom: *Two* phones!
GandDad: She's always on those phones, talking on one, texting on the other
GrandMom: Yeah, she can't be away from those things for even a second.

At this point because I am shocked that people would just stand there discussing me while I was in earshot, I decide to enter the conversation.
Hanna matter-of-factly: She's a drug dealer.
To which I get four very large eyes and raised eyebrows.

GrandDad: We were just saying our grand daughter is just like you, she has two phones and she's always typing on them.
Hanna dryly: Yeah, she's probably a drug dealer. Drug dealers usually have two phones.
I let that sit for a moment, then I couldn't take it so I smiled and eased up.
Hanna: I'm just kidding. One is personal, the other is for work. I don't like making personal calls on the company's phone. And I can't sit still, I need to be doing something all the time so I am checking the news.

We had a lovely conversation after that, and without a doubt these two will continue talking about strangers within their earshot. I really hope they don't go home and accuse their grand daughter of illegal activities though. But then, there really aren't very many good reasons to have two phones so maybe I was right.

The game was great fun and as usual M- knew exactly when to go home so we had a very smooth ride out of there. On the way, I decided that though 36 years of watching football and not understanding at all was quite an accomplishment, it needed to come to a close. So I came home and I read the rules.


  1. Maybe she IS in fact, a drug dealer.
    And just how would you know that, o lady of the two phones?
    Sometimes I also have two phones. I wish I were a drug dealer; I'd make more money.

  2. I think dealers actually use disposable phones. At least they do on tv. :)
    If you think you would make more money, you should read Freakonomics. Apparently drug-dealing is set up much like the corporate world, where only a few people ever make big bucks.