Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm back! And unemployed!

Friday I lost my job.  Well, it didn't go missing, I was fired, or, as my mother put it, "invited by my employer to seek other employment".  The idea is understandably a little tough for her to palate.

The phrase that comes to mind about the whole ordeal is "bitch had it coming".  I didn't really, but over the last few months I also did not exactly duck my head down meekly when things were awry.  One never really expects to be fired from any position but I must admit I saw this coming in the past few weeks particularly. Lest my former employer come looking for me (not a stretch, I swear!!!), I won't go into details now but let's just say I won't have any problem getting up and looking myself square in the eye in the mirror each morning moving forward.

It was very satisfying to realize later that I didn't actually react much while it was happening.  No tears, no anger, no strong feelings at all to be honest.  I did smirk a bit.  I've seen this happen to others so many times before and that I doubt I could ever truly be caught off guard by this type of thing.  Most vividly I recall the day my mom picked me up from school and said her job had been "abolished".  The sheer stress and also anger on her face was alarming.  It was a political thing and Mom had four mouths to feed besides her own.  Nothing I will ever experience could rise to the level of evoking that kind of job-induced strain.

My friends have been grand.  Friday night some made a pact that I would not go hungry.  One confirmed later that drinks are included.  People have been so supportive that there hasn't been a  moment to wish things were any different. Today I rose with a smile to greet the day hours earlier than usual instead of struggling to convince myself to trudge onward.  I've got a great deal of motivation and exciting plans that can now take top priority.

Best of all, I want to write again.  So I'll be around.  Cheers!

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