Friday, October 15, 2010

The Last Email

After receiving news of my termination, I returned to the conference room with the HR Director where I had left my purse and laptop.  I indicated I wanted to log out of the computer before turning it in to her and she acquiesced. Right at that moment, an email arrived from my dear friend M.  I didn't not read it, only replied "I just got fired! Talk soon!"  because I felt someone should know what was happening since they were taking my only means of communication, my cell phone.

M. just forwarded the message to me which was the last one to arrive before I left the building and thus the first one anyone reading my email afterward would see. First a bit of background:  I recently read this article by Dan Erwin regarding 7 behaviors that keep women from getting ahead: Dan Erwin Article.  It suggests that women do not take up enough space, nod too frequently and fidget too much.

The message M. sent and to which I replied was an invitation she received to a business conference: The Spirit of Leadership: Reawakening the Feminine To the email she added: 'I don’t know how I got this, but I think they’re going to say “Take up a lot of space, don’t fidget, and stop nodding!”'

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