Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Default Positive Thought

Since "becoming unemployed" ie; getting fired, I have a rule that requires me to think a positive thought upon rising.  Generally speaking, I am a pretty darn positive person, looking for the good in any situation; a trait which I learned from my Mother who I believe, upon finding her home burned to the ground would say "I was thinking about buying a new house, anyway, so this works out better for me."

But I knew it might be hard some days.  Something pretty ugly and unfair just happened to me.  In fact, it is head spinning to consider: years of putting my own best interests in the backseat, being a loyal employee and always thinking of the good of the company were rewarded with wretched treatment.  And last time I was unemployed for even a month, I spent my days in my pajamas watching Bonanza and feeling useless, even knowing I was soon to start a great job.  I am realistic about the effort it sometimes requires to keep a good attitude.

There were a few days when I just couldn't come up with anything positive, so I went searching on the internet.  There are actually a great deal of quality positive thoughts to be found just by searching.  But it really wasn't my ideal scenario.

Then, over Thanksgiving, something brilliant happened.  Max, my Cousin's son, age 9, full of energy, charisma and intellect, was bouncing off the walls a bit, in a way that is delightful for someone that doesn't see him nearly enough, but is probably a bit tiring for his Mom and Dad. Near the end of our visit, they sent Max into another room to occupy himself, something he does with amazing skill and creativity.

When it was time to leave, he came bounding into the room proclaiming "MAX IS AWESOME!!!"  Not yelling, not even remotely obnoxious, but with a confidence and certainty that made me feel terrific.

"Max", I said, "I have a rule for myself that I must think a positive thought each day.  But sometimes, it's hard.  Maybe because I am feeling a bit down, or maybe because I am tired, I don't know. But it isn't always easy.  And you have just given me an idea for a default positive thought, one I can think when I can't come up with anything else."

He replied with a twinkle in his eye "What? Max is awesome?"

So indeed, that is what I think now when I wake up grumpy and can't think of anything else, "Max is awesome!"  It never fails to put a smile on my face, reminding me that I am, too.  For some reason, the unclouded viewpoint of this brilliant boy speaks to me and gives me the strength and confidence to move forward with my day and toward my goals. "Awesome" is the way we were all made to be.

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