Monday, April 4, 2011

A Prayer for Jo

The Mom relayed this story that is both heart warming and hysterical:

Several months ago Mom met a friend, Betty, and her grandchild Emily for breakfast.  When the food arrived the little girl said she wanted to say a prayer before the meal, so she did. At the end Mom said she'd like to add a special prayer for her friend Jo, who was currently dealing with some medical issues.

Quite a time later, Betty's daughter, the mother of her little granddaughter, asked her out of the blue "Who is this Jo we keep hearing about?"  Betty couldn't figure out who she meant until her explained "Well, for weeks now whenever we say our prayers Emily chimes in that we mustn't forget to say a prayer for Jo."

Jo is better now, but apparently Emily still continues to pray daily for this woman, whom she's never even met. Emily must be an absolute jewel.

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