Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why? Why? Why?

It seems like many people are looking for an answer to the question "Why do people spread rumors about me?"

Remember the really emotional scene in Good Will Hunting with Robin Williams and Matt Damon?  It's not your fault.

No matter what you did or didn't do, it's just not your fault.  There may be things you can do (or stop doing) to get off the gossip mongers' radar, but if people are talking about you then they are certainly talking about others, too.  It's either their habit, or it's in their nature to do so.  They are responsible for their own actions, not the folks that have become their target.  It is not your fault.

It's certainly one of the more tiresome aspects of dwelling on our planet - dealing with the human condition which includes this sort of behavior.  Seek to rise above this petty behavior by refusing to engage in hurtful gossip and rumor spreading yourself.

We are all children of the universe, deserving of love and respect.  Just remember that when dealing with the judgement and pettiness of others. When it gets to be too much, find a healthy outlet like doing a kind deed for another person, or engaging in a creative endeavor to get your mind off of the situation.  This will absolutely pass and if you choose not to dwell upon the issue and refuse to add fuel to the fire, it will be over even sooner.

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  1. Wonderful article and so true.
    I just found out that a "friend" of mine in the neighborhood had twisted some things around that I had confided with her about - ironically, I thought I was helping her with s problem she was having.
    Anyway, I feel so betrayed and also SO dumb, because I knew she was a gossip! I no longer want to speak with her about anything.