Friday, December 30, 2011


The experiences of the last half year have me really thinking about my life.  The good parts, the great parts and the parts that are just unbelievable.  Now that I'm finally home for a stretch I'm regaining, in fits and spurts, my motivation, my creativity, my zest and appreciation for life.

It seems I'm standing on the edge of the cliff, deciding if I will dive off into the beautiful blue waters below and live, really live the life I want.  Or if I will retreat back down the path into boring safety, boring safety.

This quote, from Thucydides, sums up all my aspirations and concern in one sentence:
  "Be convinced that to be happy means to be free and that to be free means to be brave."

I crave a freedom that is hardly unique- basically, the freedom to do what I like:  to travel, to live in one place yet frequently spend time in another, to work creatively with a team without feeling overly bound; ie, working because I love it instead for the salary. It's a freedom that requires funding and will also require a great deal of bravery.

We'll see.

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